About Us

Michelle & Hilary

Inspired By Family was created when two sister friends decided that in life, there are two choices…to let things happen to you, or to see the gift in the ups and downs of life and respond to the challenges with an open and willing heart.

MISSION: Our mission is to use our experiences and resources as a catalyst to inspire and empower families, educators and community-minded groups to uncover their virtues, live their positive purpose and become agents of positive change in everyday life.

Roughly a decade ago, both Hilary and Michelle went through near tragedies in their families…the same day.  Hilary’s son nearly died with severe burns and Michelle’s nephew nearly drowned.  Their journey back from these tragedies and their determination to help other families stay safe gave birth to The Brecker Bunny Safety Series, and all things Inspired By Family.

Their trademark One Mom Making a Difference is a reminder that even when we think no one is watching, we moms are always making a difference if we choose to be inspired by our families.  We invite you to make a difference too…every day in all that you do.  We’re here for you and above all, we promise to be real…the real lessons, the real triumphs, the real struggles and the real humor.  It’s who we are and we don’t know any other way to be.

So, now we invite you to share your real self with us!  Check out our books and One Mom Boutique.  Explore Brecker’s Burrow with his safety lessons for little ones.  Laugh and cry with us as we share our journey through motherhood, friendship and business.  Above all, leave us looking at your family and being inspired.

We consult with and advise various organizations. Through the right partnerships we will help you:

  • Build unique fundraising events
  • Develop children’s safety and wellness programs
  • Align your brand with philanthropic giving
  • Market your camp or event to the right audience