Hello There, I’m Hilary!

It’s been ten years since Michelle and I had personal tragedies that started us on the path to Inspired By Family.  As we update things, create new material and grow our little company, it dawned on me…my about me page had stayed the same over the years.  Huh, time to reflect.  Have I changed?  Am I still the same woman that I was ten years ago…quite simply…no way.


Ten years ago, even five years ago, it would have been important for me to establish for you, the reader, my background, education and experience.  Today, it’s important for me to let you know that I am an imperfect, but loving mom of three.  I am a passionate educator, who tries to get it right.  I am a tireless advocate for kids, even when they don’t like what I have to say.  Yes, I am an author and a speaker, but that is really born out of my desire to educate, advocate and care for families.  There are no bells and whistles with me, but you will never doubt my honesty and caring, I promise.

My family is crazy probably much like yours.  My oldest son (Breck), the original Brecker Bunny, is less than a year away from being a teenager as I write this.  I am proud of the young man he is growing into…equally comfortable in a classroom and fishing.  We are still working on listening…but if I am really honest…I probably need to work on it too.  My second son, Jake, loves to lead the way on hikes in order to make sure everyone stays safe.  He is my builder and fixer; although, truth be told, he also holds the record for breaking the most in the family!  The baby of the family is Faith.  She was named so our family would never be without faith.  Her smile and personality light up my world.  She is never…I mean NEVER, without something to say, sing or do!

Breck, Hilary, Faith, Jeff, Jake

Breck, Hilary, Faith, Jeff, Jake

My husband, Jeff, is my best friend, biggest supporter and staunchest defender.  We were sweethearts at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and were married shortly after graduation.  We lived in Germany, England (where I was lucky to attend Cambridge University), Spain and Poland together, before moving back to the US and having Breck in Colorado.  We settled back in the Midwest for ten years and have recently relocated to Arizona with his job in an attempt to slow life down a little and find a way to have family dinners again…so far so good, but life is always a work in progress.