Brecker Bunny’s Real Story

The mission of Brecker Bunny is quite simple. We want to help kids and their families stay safe. Hopefully along the way you will enjoy Brecker’s story, laugh a little, learn a little and cuddle a little. While Brecker’s accident in the story is very sad, he has many helpful people along the way, like Mommy, Daddy, the nurses and doctors, who get Brecker back to his adventurous little self.Hilary and Breck 2003

Brecker Bunny’s story was born out of my own family’s need for understanding and healing. On April 6, 2003, our lives were forever changed by our son Breck’s accident. The water temperature in our house was not set accurately, and Breck, 18 months old, climbed into a tub and turned on the hot water spigot. Within a few seconds, his skin was literally melting off his body.

To date, Breck has endured two skin graft surgeries and endless days of painful debrasion. In the midst of Breck’s healing, my husband and I frantically searched for ways to help him understand what was happening. We wanted to find a way to reach him at his level and make his whole experience seem just a little less frightening. What we wanted did not exist, so we decided to create it and in so doing discovered an opportunity to help other kids and families, just like ours.

From this desire to help, a wonderfully passionate group of people assembled to take up Brecker’s cause. I tried my best to put my experience in teaching and writing to use and Brecker Bunny’s story came to life. We have already received wonderful stories and thank you notes from fi refi ghters, mothers, fathers, teachers and physicians, as they use Brecker to teach and heal. If you and your family have found Brecker’s story and our tools helpful, then we have succeeded in our mission.