Hello There, I’m Michelle!

Barkley the Lab

Barkley, my office buddy

Hilary and I started IBF so many (I’m afraid to count) years ago as a labor of love. At the time, HB was in the middle of a trauma event at the same time our family was sorting through the reality of my nephew’s near drowning. Since the day we met, we were really good friends but this type of stress at the very same time seemed to form a bond between us that we just can’t explain. Raw emotion, I suppose? So now we’re sister-friends. I hope you have one, or two or three sister-friends because it’s the best.

Hilary and I have both have made conscious decisions to not climb the ever-present “career ladder” but rather to be in car line, volunteer where/when we can and push IBF’s mission forward as much as our time allows. Sometimes fast…sometimes slow – but hey, the turtle did win in the end so we’re leaning on that theory quite heavily every now and then!