Davey Bunny’s Real Story

They say little ones remember God the easiest because they were with Him most recently and after our Easter Holiday in 2003, I know this is true.David and Michelle - 2003

After returning from church on Easter Sunday, we decided to take the boat out and enjoy the beautiful Spring day. While changing into my swimsuit, I heard my Grandmother scream for my Dad and my Mom yelling for someone to call 911.

I ran outside and saw my mom, in her drenched Sunday dress, holding a life-less, blond-haired boy across her lap by the pool stairs. My 3 yr old nephew, David, had fallen in the pool. His little body just lie there as he was unconscious and completely blue. Without thinking, I grabbed him from my mom, laid him out flat on the deck, yelled for some towels and instantly started CPR.  The next few minutes were like that out of a movie. My mom kept yelling David’s name, “David, it’s Nonnie (his name for my mom), come back to us! We need you!” and I kept breathing for him in between chest compressions. We saw him come back, then leave us again as his eyes rolled back…he was with us, then not, for what seemed like an eternity.

When the paramedics arrived – which felt like a swat team as people came in from every possible door – he was breathing again and only his toes were blue. The paramedics took over with precise movements. At this point, we didn’t know how long he had been underwater or what kind of physical damage his little body had sustained.

Once he was stable enough, David was transported via ambulance to a local elementary school field where a helicopter was waiting to take him to All Children’s Hospital.

After many hours in the Trauma Unit, Pediatric ER and ICU, he was released the next afternoon. Unfortunately, he was admitted the next when pneumonia had set in, a common event following a near-drowning. He stayed just one week in the hospital and he made a full recovery.

As we drove David home, exactly one week after Easter, we decided to stop at church. We weren’t dressed for church, hadn’t slept much in a week, but felt so invigorated and wanted to show everyone “Little David” was ok, better than ok, that he was completely fine!

My mom, initially, wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but I reminded her that last Sunday we made two initial phone calls: one to 9-1-1, and the other to our prayer chain at church and the least we could do is show them how their prayers helped save our precious boy.

We walked in late (but that’s fairly normal for us!), and stood at the back. As we stood there and took a deep breath we tried to keep our emotions in check. Right in the middle of his message, our Pastor saw us and stopped talking. Then everyone turned and looked to the back. “Unbelievable” he said.  As we went to the front and thanked everyone for their prayers and support, we were reminded again of how precious life is and the power of prayer.

The doctors and nurses believe he was definitely riding that fine line between life and death. While we were in the hospital, they’d called him the miracle kid.

As time when on, I was so curious where David “went” while we were trying to save him on the pool deck.  Finally, one morning several months after that accident, as I drove him to school I asked, “David, do you remember what happened when you fell in Nonnie’s pool?”

“Yeah, I tried not to breathe in that yucky water, but it was too hard!” he said.

He didn’t seem to be bothered by my questions, so I asked, “Do you remember Nonnie getting you out of the pool?”

Then, I’ll never, ever forget his response. In the typical I-know-more-than-you 3 yr old tone he said, “Nonnie didn’t get me out of the pool, Mia. (His name for me.) The nice doctor helped me. He picked me up by my tiny hands.”

Huh? I thought. There was no doctor around, What’s he talking about? I very nonchalantly asked him, “David, how did you know it was a doctor?”

“Well, he was wearing white.” he said.

The real Davey with his story published!

The real Davey with his story published!

At that moment, I knew. During the 5 minutes by the pool as my young nephew was so close to death he wasn’t alone. And as we were riding the line between the most extreme potential joy or sorrow, we weren’t alone either. We firmly believe his also explains why he was never scared to go back into the water with us weeks later.

Over the years, in different scenarios, I’ve thought of what David, with the true faith of a child, said. I believe the fact that David is here with us is a miracle. I also believe that if we let God help us, He will. He’ll pick us up by our tiny hands…every time.