And the winner is….

Rachel C!! winner

Rachel was nominated by Kristin B and has won a One Mom Making a Difference Travel Mug!

Kristin said, “As a mother of a beautiful and smart daughter with Cerebral Palsy in a wheel-chair, there are challenges to love that I sometimes spell solve. Rachel is instrumental in getting us thru the day to day. Rachel is a wonderful mother to her two boys, 11 and 7. She is strict, fair, and logical but mostly kind and lives life with a loving heart. She works hard every day in every area of her life; wife, mother, friend and too many professional endeavors to list. She is always making sure her choices are the best for her family and for her children putting much thought into each decision. Rachel is an amazing friend who has been there for me in too many ways to count. She offers so much and asks so little and is a blessing in our family’s life.”

Rachel, thanks for being One Mom Making a Difference each and every day!

*We loved reading the One Mom entries! Look for another chance to nominate a Mom this summer.*

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