Brecker Bunny Buddy Review of the ISafe Bag

July 27, 1981.  Two days after my eighth birthday, but I remember it like it was yesterday…the disappearance and murder of Adam Walsh.  I started having nightmares.  At the time I had a two year old little brother and I was petrified someone would take him.  Few minutes alone in a department store and not only did Adam lose his life, but it forever changed the course of life for his family.  Some things in life you can’t take back.

As frightening as that abduction and murder was, it still seemed so far away…impossible for it to happen in the Midwest, where I live.  Fast forward to two years ago…I was making phone calls around my small town of Stevens Point, WI.  The fire department was going to help me deliver Brecker Bunny books to all the daycares in the city.  I called every place personally to give them a heads up.  The last call was to a very kind woman who asked me a million questions.  “Will the fire fighter be in uniform?  How will I identify that he is truly a fire fighter?  What day and time exactly will they be coming?  How can I validate this?”

I was so curious why the 20 questions.  I found out she was the mother of Jessyca Mullenburg.  Jessyca was abducted in Eau Claire, WI in 1995, the year I graduated from UW Eau Claire.  Three and a half months later, thanks to America’s Most Wanted (hosted by Adam Walsh’s father John), Jessyca was recovered.  Reality hit…it could happen here.  It could happen to me or one of my children.  While I can’t live every day of my life in fear of “what if”, I can take some simple precautions.  Why wouldn’t I?

So, as a disclaimer:  I was sent an iSafe Bag for free to review…but I promise to give an unbiased opinion.  Here are my thoughts:

I ordered the Black School Back Pack, found here:, for my 8 year old son.  My first impression was how incredibly durable it is.  Breck is so hard on backpacks; we go through two a year.  I also loved the easy to spot reflectors on the straps and back.  From a storage and practicality standpoint, there is room for all his books, even a laptop; there is also special storage for a cell phone (Breck can keep dreaming).

Now…for the really unique thing that I love; there is a very discreet pull cord on the strap, very conveniently placed where your hand rests naturally.  When pulled the alarm that sounds is loud and shrill.  Even if my child were outside and pulled the cord, I believe I would hear it.  Also, the back has red lights that flash, so there is no question where the alarm is coming from and who is in distress.  I really think this is outstanding because the child can pull this without having to contort or alert a potential perpetrator as to what he or she is doing.  Also, it is not like mace or pepper spray where there is a danger of it being used against the targeted victim.

I only have two concerns.  One: did I mention I gave this backpack to an 8 year old boy?  I am pretty sure I am going to have to alert the school about the backpack, as I imagine it would be a “fun toy” to show his friends.  I am going to have to be proactive in training him to think of it with respect.  Also, I think it is important for parents to remember that this is one more “tool” for safety, but not a reason to be less vigilant.

Overall, iSafe Bags ( definitely has Breck Bunny Buddies’ seal of approval.  I refuse to live in a world where I am constantly afraid, but how nice to have a “tool” that can make our kids just a little safer.  As I said at the beginning, with some things in life, we don’t get a do over.

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