Brecker’s Safety Tip: Keep Pool Fences Monitored

(Photo credit: Florida Safe Pools)

Most of us realize that pool fences are necessary when you have a home pool.  We also know that it is important to have a fence lock and alarm.  However, there are two reminders that Brecker thinks you should think carefully about.  First, always make sure that your pool fence is in good condition.  Many cases have been reported where kids have been able to slip through a fence spacing that needed to be repaired.  Bunny Buddy Mom Michelle, taught Bunny Buddy Mom Hilary another important tip: Keep all toys, stools, chairs and such away from pool fences.  Kids can use something as simple as a pail to climb over a pool fence.  You will find other great pool tips in our new Brecker Bunny series book, Davey Bunny Learns to Be Careful.  Which is in the hands of our illustrator as we speak!  Hooray for water safety!

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