Brecker’s Safety Tip: Sparklers are NOT toys!

sparklersWhen Brecker Bunny was in ICU for his burns, I asked the University of Madison Burn Staff what their busiest times of the year were.  The 4th of July was right up there at the top.  Not only are people doing silly things like holding fireworks or trying to play pranks with fireworks, but some people are completely unaware of the actual temperature at which a firework burns.  Take a common child’s firework.  Sparklers are beautiful and we see even the smallest of children waving them around like a magic wand.  Did you know that a sparkler can reach up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit?  I’m not saying to take the sparklers away, but please do not let children have them unsupervised and make sure no one is wearing loose clothing and all long hair is tied back.  As my family found out, it only takes a few seconds to change a life.  So, let’s celebrate the 4th…our Independence is a glorious thing, but let’s be safe Bunny Buddies while we do it!

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