Bunny Buddy Colin

Colin CampingMy son received your book during fire safety week at preschool.  It has been one of his favorites.  Never did we think that book would apply to us.
This past weekend we were camping.  We had just finished roasting marshmallows and were cleaning up.  My husband was facing the fire keeping an eye on Colin while my back was towards him.

All of a sudden I heard him fall and my husband say “oh my God!” and he ran toward the fire.  My son had tripped near the fire and stopped his fall with his right hand in the embers of the fire.  We immediately put cool water on it and rushed to a local hospital.  Luckily, the burns appear to be 1st or 2nd degree.  We started talking about what they were going to do and he mentioned Brecker Bunny.

Colin's Hand When we got home yesterday, he wanted to read about Brecker.  He was consistently pointing out the things that Brecker had done at the hospital and how they compared to him – like the goop and the gauze.  I really think your book has helped him to understand that he will be okay just like Brecker.

He said that he wants to read Brecker Bunny every day until his hand is healed.  The funniest thing is that he thinks that the exercises Brecker had to do were regular exercise so he runs in place and says “I am doing my exercises just like Brecker.”

Colin and his parentsThank you for your great book!

Lisa ~ Colin’s Mom




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