Why We Celebrate EVERYTHING

By Hilary Bilbrey “So, you should prepare yourself. You may not make it through delivery.” My middle child turns 14 in two days. This time of year, I always come back to this moment. The moment the doctor told me that I would likely not live to see my child. Now, in retrospect, we should have gotten a second opinion, but we didn’t know that at the time. I tend to be a big emotion person. My middle school choir teacher, Mr. Oman, once told … [Read more...]

Releasing the Trap: Empowered By Family

Trapped. Just saying the word makes my skin crawl, my breath quicken and my heart pound a little louder. Inspired By Family began years ago for this very reason. It is why we still plug away at it through moves, jobs, kids and chaos. The Why of It All When our son, Breck was severely burned on April 6, 2003, his accident and recovery were out of our hands.  I could not make any of it go away. There was no easy fix. There was no reset button to … [Read more...]

The Gift of Safety Education

Looking to give a unique gift this holiday season? A gift that will leave a lasting impression? We have just the thing! Give a box Brecker Bunny Safety Series Books to a classroom, local fire department or other service group. Our books hold important fire and water safety messages, are perfect for young children and make a difference!  Each Classroom box contains 25 books. Brecker Bunny Learns to be Careful Box* - Fire Safety = … [Read more...]

Pizza Delivery, Smoke Detectors and Brecker Bunny!

Who doesn't like delivery pizza?  When we first founded Inspired By Family years ago, we never thought that pizza would be such a valuable part of our safety message, but then we hadn't been exposed to the creativity of fire and life safety educators yet!  With October, and Fire Safety Week/Month fast approaching, we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite ways Brecker Bunny books have been used by Bunny Buddies over the past ten years.  Our … [Read more...]

Davey Bunny Pool Safety Book Released at FLSEC 2014 Conference!

We are so excited to see Davey in print!  If you have followed Inspired By Family's journey over the years, you'll know that Hilary and Michelle both had frightening, near-tragic family accidents at almost the same time.  Hilary's son, Breck, was severely burned and in ICU for a month.  Michelle's nephew nearly drowned in a pool, but quick thinking and CPR saved his life.  It then became their passion to prevent accidents like this from happening … [Read more...]

Davey Bunny Book Request Form

We're excited to share our newest book in the Brecker Safety Series, Davey Bunny Learns to be Careful! A lesson in Pool Safety. Based on real life events, Davey Bunny finds himself alone in the pool and his good friends Brecker, Kali and Tabor Bunny think fast to get an adult and help him out! Little bunnies learn to stay away from the pool when an adult isn't around and parents are reminded to learn CPR, install proper barriers and always … [Read more...]

Leaves, Starfish and a Bunny

It's "leaf season" at our house. We've got some big oaks on our property, 3 to be exact. For most of the year I love them. Kids from all over the neighborhood climb them, they give us shade which is much appreciated during the hot summer and a simple rope swing from one of the huge limbs provides endless entertainment. However, at this moment I'm cursing them as leaves are dropping and it's raining pollen pods! We've been working to get … [Read more...]

Laura’s Letter

This letter is from Laura, a 2nd Grader at Cross Bayou Elementary School in Pinellas Park, FL, who has scars from a burn accident.  A copy of Brecker Bunny was in the library and their teacher read it during Fire Safety Month. Her mother was elated that Laura could relate to Brecker and that she felt an enormous sense of belonging. The very last sentence touched our hearts. Thanks for writing to us Laura! … [Read more...]

Bunny Buddy Colin

My son received your book during fire safety week at preschool.  It has been one of his favorites.  Never did we think that book would apply to us. This past weekend we were camping.  We had just finished roasting marshmallows and were cleaning up.  My husband was facing the fire keeping an eye on Colin while my back was towards him. All of a sudden I heard him fall and my husband say “oh my God!” and he ran toward the fire.  My son had … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Fire Safety Month

Are you ready for Fire Safety Month? (It's October!) To help you prepare and start thinking about your plans, please take a few minutes to listen to our PODCAST with Tina Robinette (SC Sr. Deputy State Fire Marshal) and Captain Jim Millican from Lealman Fire Department in St. Petersburg, FL. This interview is packed with tips and ideas for everyone, including new parents! We have so many resources on our site to help bring something new to … [Read more...]