Leaves, Starfish and a Bunny

It's "leaf season" at our house. We've got some big oaks on our property, 3 to be exact. For most of the year I love them. Kids from all over the neighborhood climb them, they give us shade which is much appreciated during the hot summer and a simple rope swing from one of the huge limbs provides endless entertainment. However, at this moment I'm cursing them as leaves are dropping and it's raining pollen pods! We've been working to get … [Read more...]

Laura’s Letter

This letter is from Laura, a 2nd Grader at Cross Bayou Elementary School in Pinellas Park, FL, who has scars from a burn accident.  A copy of Brecker Bunny was in the library and their teacher read it during Fire Safety Month. Her mother was elated that Laura could relate to Brecker and that she felt an enormous sense of belonging. The very last sentence touched our hearts. Thanks for writing to us Laura! … [Read more...]

Bunny Buddy Colin

My son received your book during fire safety week at preschool.  It has been one of his favorites.  Never did we think that book would apply to us. This past weekend we were camping.  We had just finished roasting marshmallows and were cleaning up.  My husband was facing the fire keeping an eye on Colin while my back was towards him. All of a sudden I heard him fall and my husband say “oh my God!” and he ran toward the fire.  My son had … [Read more...]