Emotionally Drained…but Hopeful

I'm tired. Anyone else? I'm tired of the sadness, devastation and uncertainty - when will end? Honestly, I'm tired of seeing the terrible news notifications my phone each morning. Devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, political fights...argh...I'm spent. But, we can't just crawl back in bed and hide (oh, I'd like to!). As we learn more and more about what should have been a fun night in Las Vegas, I find hope in the "helper" stories and the … [Read more...]

Why We Celebrate EVERYTHING

By Hilary Bilbrey “So, you should prepare yourself. You may not make it through delivery.” My middle child turns 14 in two days. This time of year, I always come back to this moment. The moment the doctor told me that I would likely not live to see my child. Now, in retrospect, we should have gotten a second opinion, but we didn’t know that at the time. I tend to be a big emotion person. My middle school choir teacher, Mr. Oman, once told … [Read more...]

Craving Unity

Balance has illuded me lately. Peace and hope seem to be hanging outside the walls of my heart. I'm troubled. Dis-eased. Restless. But why? Glancing at my mantle, freshly undressed of its Christmas finest, I see it. What I have been missing. Two simple logs resting on one another for 19.5 years, not misplaced or thrown away despite eight moves, four countries and three states.  These twin logs are one (they are one entity in my mind) of my … [Read more...]

The Gift of Safety Education

Looking to give a unique gift this holiday season? A gift that will leave a lasting impression? We have just the thing! Give a box Brecker Bunny Safety Series Books to a classroom, local fire department or other service group. Our books hold important fire and water safety messages, are perfect for young children and make a difference!  Each Classroom box contains 25 books. Brecker Bunny Learns to be Careful Box* - Fire Safety = … [Read more...]

I’m Done Being a Hypocrite

By Hilary Bilbrey I’m a hypocrite.  I can’t tell you how much it pains me to say that.  Integrity is my core virtue.  I live every day working to try to get my beliefs to match my actions.  I am failing in my mission right now, and here’s why… Like many people, Robin Williams’ suicide hit me hard last week.  I believe in compassion and understanding for people with mental illnesses.  I don’t believe that having a mental illness makes you … [Read more...]

Three Gifts I Give My Kids: Part 1 of 3

Written by: Hilary Bilbrey I’m not going to lie…I am pretty sure this post is going to be controversial, but I still believe it, so here goes… I was privileged to spend the last school year consulting at a K-8 public school in Arizona on the topics of respect, bullying, conflict resolution and kindness.  It is truly thought-provoking to consider how much my consulting has changed as I grow both as a mother and an educator.  One thing most … [Read more...]

#MountainStrong and #CommunityLove

Colorado has always been a special place to us.  Both of us have been coming here since our teens, and for those who don't know, we met here in the late 90's.  The real Brecker Bunny was even born in Boulder.  We go to Estes Park often for the Fire and Life Safety Educators Conference of the Rockies, visiting with safety heroes and planning the next steps Inspired By Family will take in the coming year. While planning our trip to Colorado … [Read more...]

Leaves, Starfish and a Bunny

It's "leaf season" at our house. We've got some big oaks on our property, 3 to be exact. For most of the year I love them. Kids from all over the neighborhood climb them, they give us shade which is much appreciated during the hot summer and a simple rope swing from one of the huge limbs provides endless entertainment. However, at this moment I'm cursing them as leaves are dropping and it's raining pollen pods! We've been working to get … [Read more...]

More on the Subject of Time

Ya'll had so much positive feedback on the Time post. I appreciate it and must say it felt really good to know we're all in this together.  A few comments sent in via email and FB did lead me to want to expand more on the "disconnected" idea and perhaps, be more clear.  It's not that I don't want to talk to anyone and be anti-social. It's more about control of the conversations  - where and when those conversations happen and should happen. And … [Read more...]

Defining Family

fam·i·ly  - noun \ˈfam-lē, ˈfa-mə-\ What is family? The Webster definition we  love - and what prompted our name, Inspired by Family is: : a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation : fellowship Could it be a Dad, Mom, Child? Could it be a Grandmother, Grandfather and grandchild?  Could it be really close friends? Absolutely. Could it be aunts, uncles, cousins? Could it be co-workers? Sure! The important … [Read more...]