Craving Unity

imageBalance has illuded me lately. Peace and hope seem to be hanging outside the walls of my heart. I’m troubled. Dis-eased. Restless. But why?

Glancing at my mantle, freshly undressed of its Christmas finest, I see it. What I have been missing. Two simple logs resting on one another for 19.5 years, not misplaced or thrown away despite eight moves, four countries and three states.  These twin logs are one (they are one entity in my mind) of my most prized possessions and they are a talisman.

Before Jeff and I were married, we attended a wedding in Germany. We witnessed a beautiful tradition.  After the vows, the bride and groom were escorted to a log held up by two sawhorses and handed a two-handled lumber saw.  Bride and groom each grabbed an end and worked together to saw the log in half.  The resulting two pieces became the lasting symbol of their first work together, their shared work, their unity.  We were determined to take this meaningful ceremony back with us.

July 13, 1996 was a lovely day, surrounded by friends and family…everything was as it should be.  After our vows, we were escorted to the sawhorses.  Little did we know, there had been some scheming on Jeff’s side of the family. As a prank, they had blunted the saw blade, removed teeth, anything to make it impossible for us to complete the task. Well, Jeff and I each grabbed a handle…tux, veil, dress and all, and started sawing. Looking in each other’s eyes, the determination and joy of working together became the focus. In an instant, there were two logs rolling on the ground. The pranksters were stunned. They had tried to use the saw themselves to no avail. Our task should have been impossible…but it was simple in that moment. Since then, those two logs from one have become my symbol of unity.

Unity. That’s what I’m missing. That’s what I am craving. In my family, in my community, in my country and in my world…I see disunity, selfishness, loneliness, division, but they have just blunted the blade. I don’t need a sharp saw to do the work.  I just need to make room in my heart for peace and hope to take a firm grip. There is much work to be done. I invite you to grab the other handle…together…we’ve got this.

Live Inspired~ HB


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