Emotionally Drained…but Hopeful

I’m tired. Anyone else? I’m tired of the sadness, devastation and uncertainty – when will end? Honestly, I’m tired of seeing the terrible news notifications my phone each morning. Devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, political fights…argh…I’m spent. But, we can’t just crawl back in bed and hide (oh, I’d like to!). As we learn more and more about what should have been a fun night in Las Vegas, I find hope in the “helper” stories and the need to read them. Maybe it’s a way some of us cope with such tragedy and unthinkable loss?

These stories remind me of “The Star Thrower” (the Starfish Story). That horrible night, people took action to help one another – often strangers – and it made a difference. In some cases, a life and death difference! What we do each day matters. In line at the grocery store, in our classrooms and homes, at the ballfields, on the road or at concert when the unthinkable happens… what we do and how we treat one another matters.

Maybe we will never know the impact we will have on others – and that’s ok. But, when we model kindness, service and compassion to our children, I pray THAT is something that we will see make a change in this world, a cycle without end. I’m thankful today is a new day and for God’s grace that we get to try again…to do better…to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. 

Don’t give in to the exhaustion; you can be the hope, love and positive inspiration this world needs. ~Michelle Heim




  1. Thank you for writing this. True for me and so many others.

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