Davey Bunny Pool Safety Book Released at FLSEC 2014 Conference!

Michelle and Hilary at FLSEC 2014

We are so excited to see Davey in print!  If you have followed Inspired By Family’s journey over the years, you’ll know that Hilary and Michelle both had frightening, near-tragic family accidents at almost the same time.  Hilary’s son, Breck, was severely burned and in ICU for a month.  Michelle’s nephew nearly drowned in a pool, but quick thinking and CPR saved his life.  It then became their passion to prevent accidents like this from happening to other families.  Brecker Bunny Learns to Be Careful was born as a way for Hilary’s family to heal and spread the word about fire and burn safety.  There has been a sequel to this, Spanish version various posters, but now…we are pleased to announce Davey Bunny Learns to Be Careful: A Lesson in Pool Safety has become part of the Brecker Bunny Safety Series.  With the release of this book at the Fire and Life Safety Educators Conference of the Rockies, Michelle’s family has come full circle with their journey as well.  If you would like to get more information or order copies of any of our books, posters or giveaways, please fill out the form below.

FLSEC 2014

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