Inspired Family: The Kingstons’ Lesson in Service

Kingston Family

Welcome to the first ever Inspired Family feature.  Our goal is to find families that we think will inspire you to continue to live with purpose and passion.  You will find a mixture of cultures, faith, belief and principles, but regardless of what you believe, or who makes up your family, we think these families will speak to you in some way.

Meet the Kingston Family from Plover, Wisconsin.  The Kingstons were brought to our attention because of their inspiring family vision.  It is rare in today’s materialistic society to find an entire family willing to give up a comfortable life for a life of service to others.  A few years ago, the Kingstons adopted Keyvalin, a beautiful little girl from Guatemala, who is now 7.  Keyvalin was such a blessing to Scott (39), Carrie (39), David (11) and Samuel (8), that they felt a further call to action in Guatemala.   So feeling blessed themselves, they did the next logical thing….moved to Central America for six months.

The Kingstons called this trip a “Vision Trip” for their family, as they seek God’s will for their lives.  For the first month of their trip, they rented a home on Lake Atitlan.  They spent time taking Spanish classes and acclimating to Guatemalan culture.  Instead of going in with presumptions of their ability to help, they took the time to watch, learn and adapt first.  In the beginning of November, they stayed in Sumpango, Guatemala at an orphanage that both Scott and Carrie had visited on medical mission trips.  They next traveled to Nicaragua for three weeks and then San Jose, Costa Rica for three months.  The last month of their trip…they saved for God’s plan for them…a beautiful example of trust and courage.

Of course, when you are the inspiring family, you rarely see it yourself.  SO we asked the Kingstons to reflect a bit.  Below are their answers.

Describe Your Family:
We would describe our family as close-knit, faith and family centered, adventurous, and fun. We like to spend time together playing games and sports, visiting family and friends, traveling and just being goofy.

What is your family’s brand (how they want to be seen)?

Our Christian faith and trust in the Lord is the glue that holds our family together. We were made to show God’s love and to forgive and support one another through life’s ups and downs.

What’s your advice to other families?

Our advice to other families would be to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk. Share the world with your kids; don’t just give the world to your kids.

What would your call to action be for others?

Go.  Live.  Learn.  Look up.

They Kingston family truly inspired us to remember to step outside the script that society has written for the “normal” family and listen to where our passions drive us!  How do they inspire you?

If you have a family you think we should feature…we want to hear about it!


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