Joan Steffend…And She Sparkled

As a young girl growing up in Long lake, Minnesota, I remember watching the KARE 11 news faithfully to listen to my favorite anchor, the red-headed, spunky and tender-hearted, Joan Steffend.  She was amazing to me…full of life and so real.  My whole family felt the same when, and when she moved on to doing the national cable show, Decorating Cents, well, we absolutely followed her!  So imagine my surprise when I get an email from her husband, who happened to be passing through Stevens Point, Wisconsin (my new hometown) the day an article about my radio show appeared in the paper.  He had no idea that his wife was one of my idols…but thought for sure that her new book, …and she sparkled would be a great fit for the show.  Not only was he 100% right, but I got the opportunity to talk not once, but twice, with the amazing Joan Steffend!

Joan was on the show on December 6th.  My very first show on my new home News Talk 1010 WSPT.  The whole interview can be heard at  What I want to write about here is the interview that was off-air!

My connection to Joan’s story really came when she discussed all the reasons she should be happy…but just couldn’t find her sparkle.  Couldn’t recognize her own value.  Often as children we let our light shine so thoroughly…and yet many around us seek to blow out that light.  We are too loud, have too many emotions, are too boastful.   Why?  Why do we shame ourselves and our kids into believing that we have to hide our light?  What would happen if we each gave each other the opportunity to burn brightly and purposefully?

If someone shows pride in their accomplishments, we often judge them to be arrogant and narcissistic, but what if it was instead, an opportunity to share in their joy?  What if you shared your own successes, no matter how big or small?  What if you gave yourself permission to shine?  So many questions, I know, but I would like to think that our purpose on Earth is to be of purpose, and as we share our gifts, we fulfill our greater overall calling.  So today, right now, I challenge you to let your light shine unabashedly, and invite others to do the same!

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