More on the Subject of Time

Ya’ll had so much positive feedback on the Time post. I appreciate it and must say it felt really good to know we’re all in this together.  A few comments sent in via email and FB did lead me to want to expand more on the “disconnected” idea and perhaps, be more clear.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to anyone and be anti-social. It’s more about control of the conversations  – where and when those conversations happen and should happen. And what about the conversations with those whose faces are right in front of me?

A few days ago we were out to breakfast – just the 3 of us. The next table over sat a dad and a sweet 3-ish yr old princess.  The scenario that played out over the next 30 mins reinforced to me that we need to keep being “disconnected” so we can stay truly connected to what matters at the present moment.  This dad was on his phone and as I watched the coffee come, then the eggs,  then the coffee refill, my heart was breaking. You could see this little girl just wanted his attention.  While he wasn’t being verbally rude to her, she was, clearly, second fiddle.


It was also like looking in a mirror. How many time have I told PR “Just a second!” and it’s 15 minutes or “Yes, be right there” and I’m not?

When did I become so connected to this virtual world? I had to ask myself, is it because I work with social media? Is it because I’m afraid I’m going to miss something for work and I get sucked into the other non-work conversations going on? (It’s so easy to do, isn’t it?) Did I set some kind of rule at some point that I can’t miss anything and have to be online all the time? I’m not perfect, far from it and a few months ago I did miss something on Social Media for work. It haunted me for weeks. I really beat myself up about it. But, there wasn’t a thing in the world I could do except say, “I’m so sorry; I completely missed that!”  It was what it was and we moved on and I had to let it go.

What about you? Have any tips or things that work well with your family to keep the focus on the here and now?

Getting our time back under our own control might also be good for our health. Check out this NBC Nightly News piece from 1/29/14.


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