My Brand: “codadiva”

Liysa Callsen

Liysa Callsen

My brand is codadiva.  I am one woman with three cultures.  I live them daily.  I bounce among the worlds of the hearing, deaf and CODA.  For those not familiar, CODA means child of deaf adults, and specifically refers to hearing children of deaf parents.  For me, CODA has a deeper meaning.  It is part of what defines me…the true ME.

People have told me for years that my story is fascinating.  I went from taking phone calls for appointments at age six to interpreting life insurance and doctors’ appointments by age 12, in order to better support my non-hearing parents.  Now as an adult, I feel equally comfortable choosing to communicate with my voice or my hands.  In fact, I often feel that I have an advantage; when words fail me, my hands never do.

For the last few years, I knew I wanted to live true to me.  I went through three years of feeling stuck and when I finally shifted my mind into my new chapter entitled Positive Positioning, and now a whole new world has opened up yet again. I decided to do something brave.  Sky-diving, nope, even braver.  I took myself up on the dare to do a one-woman show, and now six months later, I’m doing more now than ever. I’ve embraced my three cultures with open arms, and now I have the opportunity to educate people about these worlds.

My lifetime goal of being a performer is unfolding.  As codadiva, I get to inspire, encourage and help others see their own true passions. By the way, I love using smaller case “codadiva” for my brand name because my personality is pretty bold, so my name doesn’t have to be.

“codadiva” show is for all audiences hearing and deaf equally. It’s performed in American Sign Language and voice interpreted.  I like to explain that it as subtitles for your ears.

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Liysa Callsen is an intriguing, dynamic and energetic speaker delivering an inspirational message.  As a hearing child of Deaf parents, she identifies with being a Coda (children of deaf adults). The only speaker of her kind, takes you into her journey of living in a Deaf household and dealing with the hearing culture. She is bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Her story will educate and encourage you. She believes we all have a story, she’ll engage you, empowering you to embrace your own identity, culture and diversity. Her new chapter entitled, Positive Positioning has led her to lead and be willing to express herself without worry. A lifetime of lessons. 

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