One Mom Gratitude Journal

Do you love being a mom?

How many of you answered emphatically, “Yes!”?  If you hesitated, even for a second, or thought, “Ummm…what time are you asking?”…this gratitude journal is for you.

Sometimes being a mom is gratifying, empowering and so much fun!  Then, let’s be honest, sometimes it feels thankless, frustrating and messy.

We, Michelle and Hilary, have found mom support in each other.  We laugh, cry and celebrate our way through the journey of motherhood.  This is our invitation for you to join us!  This interactive journal/blog is meant to be a morale-boosting, frustration-venting, gratitude-giving place to be your authentic self.  We’ll get the ball rolling every week, but your input will be the heart and soul of this page.  So have fun with it.  We do ask the messaging is respectful, clean and non-judgmental.  This is a safe, positive and even humorous place.  We want our kids/families to be proud and/or laugh at the posts, but we would ever want anyone to feel humiliated or berated.  With that said…let’s get started!

Tell us about a time where you are pretty sure you were vying for Mother of the Year (read tongue in cheek)!

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