One Mom Making a Difference

You are so many things to so many people.
You are a mother…
A chauffeur
A coach
A doctor
A lifeguard
A cook
A cleaner
An official hugger
A tear dryer
A book reader
A monster fighter
A referee… and the list goes on and on.

There are days when you cuddle with your kids and it all feels worthwhile. And then there are those days where you wonder if you make a difference at all or if you have somehow become invisible. The reality is…you do make a difference each and every day.

When my son, Breck was severely scalded on April 6, 2003…I was sure I had failed as a mother. I went into a pretty deep depression and wondered if I would ever come out. But then I saw the eager little smiles on my two sons’ faces and I knew, for their sake, I had to figure out how to be their mommy again. It was then that I turned to my old comfort…writing.

During this healing process I wrote a children’s book called Brecker Bunny Learns to Be Careful! A lesson in fire and burn safety. I could never have imagined the response and the collaborative partnerships that have come as a result of that process. As it stands today we have over 150,000 of these books distributed and are still going strong! Once, a friend somewhat jokingly said, “You sure are one mom making a difference!” I looked at her and in all seriousness said, “Well, every mom makes a difference.” Thus our new venture was born…