Einar Jensen, Life Safety Educator, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority

Brecker Bunny returns in Brecker Bunny Asks for Help as a fire safety champion. He teaches his friends and empowers his readers to make good decisions about fire safety, translating common fire prevention messages – play with toys, not tools and firefighters are our friends – into prose and images accessible to young children and their caregivers. The book includes a list of fire safety lessons and their links to the story. … [Read more...]

Einar Jensen, Life Safety Educator, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority

With its engaging rhymes and colorful illustrations, Brecker Bunny Learns to be Careful helped me teach my preschool-aged daughters about preventing burn injuries in our adventures at home and on vacations. The book models positive behaviors for preschoolers and their caregivers such as staying away from hot things and testing bath water. My daughters enjoyed the story so much they often requested it at bedtime. … [Read more...]

Alison Wood, English Adviser, Hertfordshire UK

Even the smallest of children will delight in meeting the Brecker Bunny series' characters and will gently absorb these life-saving messages through Bilbrey's wholeheartedly memorable and engaging storytelling. Essential reading for parents with children in the 'Danger Age' and beyond. … [Read more...]

Stacey Kannenberg Author & Publisher of the Award Winning Cedar Valley Publishing

Teaches dangers of hot water, burns and fire safety! A MUST Read! The Brecker Bunny series is a must read to alert children and families to the serious dangers of hot water, burns and fire safety. Brecker Bunny teaches these vital lessons in an adorable format that will save lives!! … [Read more...]

Tim Woodward, Division Chief – Firefighter, Littleton Fire Rescue

Inspired by Family reaches into the homes of children with the most valuable of messages, Pool Safety. As a long time veteran of the American Fire Service and specifically, a Water Rescue Technician, I have witnessed the brokenhearted tragedy of drowning. In my experience, there is very little I can do as a First Responder to make a difference when a loved one has slipped under the water and someone calls 911.  The true impact and change in … [Read more...]

Einar Jensen, Life Safety Educator, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority

Loosely based on a near-drowning incident that impacted co-author Michelle Heim’s family, Davey Bunny’s story emphasizes that safety always comes before fun around the pool for everyone. Young children and caregivers alike will find helpful reminders in this engaging prose such as installing fencing around pools and designating a Water Watcher. I’ve used the list of swimming pool safety tips as a starting point for discussions with caregivers and … [Read more...]

State Farm Insurance Executive

I'm sorry I have not been in touch with you sooner. I received your book, and it is great - I had one of the ladies in my office take a copy home to read to her 6 year old son and he loved it. In fact she said they had never talked about the stop, drop and roll concept with him. Two days after they read the book he was in the kitchen, smelled something funny and saw smoke. He got his parents who realized the dishwasher was about to catch fire … [Read more...]

Victoria M. Weller

I have long been searching for a book to read to children I work with who have attention difficulties – and now I have found it. I will also be recommending that parents read Little Jake Learns to Stop to their children to promote understanding for the entire family. … [Read more...]

Susan Shikowski

…endearing and insightful. I fell in love with Little Jake. Little Jake did a good job of helping me understand what it feels like to have ADHD. … [Read more...]

Dr. Ralph M. Locher

It is great! The concept was very understandable.Resounding approval as psycho-educational material. … [Read more...]