The Imposter: A Lesson in Humility

“God is more interested in us going through a process, than in zapping us with spiritual morphine.”  That is the line that hooked me.  From that moment on, I knew The Imposter writer, Dan Millican, was going to be speaking directly to my heart, and I was not going to be allowed to be a lazy thinker.  Although the movie, The Imposter, is billed as a Christian movie, I cannot think of a religion or culture that would argue with the overriding message… We are on this Earth to be of purpose to others, not to serve our own selfish needs.

Last Friday, I had the privilege to interview Dan Millican and also Christian Rock Star Jeff Deyo, who plays James, the lead guitarist of a Christian rock band.  I LOVE Deyo’s music, so found myself a little nervous, but within seconds, it became clear to me, that these two men were no imposters.  The journey to humility and purposefulness that was featured in their movie is also very clearly modeled in their everyday behavior.  I felt as if I was sitting down with two friends, having coffee.  Both were quick to discuss their own spiritual journeys, as well as their own challenges.

In the end, my take away was simply this…we all wear masks.  We all have our moments of narcissism.  But our mission is to use our humility to accept our faults and simply ask God, or whatever our higher being or spiritual guide is for the strength to keep trying to do better.

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