The Safety Mom: A Lesson in Devotion

The birth of your first child is such a beautiful and exciting experience.  It is a little scary too; I’ll admit it.  Good friends of ours summed up “the fear” when they left the hospital with their newborn son by saying to the nurse, “Really, you are just going to let us walk out of here with him…by ourselves.”  But you get home; you get into the groove of being a parent and then you start to wonder if there ever was life without that child.  Now imagine, as a mother, going to pick up your beautiful, three-month-old baby at day care and finding him dead.  He had died of SIDS as he slept in his crib.  It may have broken me, but for Alison Rhodes, it forever changed her into the Safety Mom.

I tell most people I meet, but especially my teen leaders, there are two kinds of people in this world, heroes and victims.  Alison Rhodes is a hero.  She had every reason to mourn the death of her son Connor and dwell on the injustice of it all.  Instead, she turned her pain into action.  She left her career as an executive in a high-powered PR firm in New York and devoted her life to keeping all kids safe.  If there is a recall on a product, Alison can tell you.  If you need to baby-proof your house, she can show you how.  Not sure what the latest risky behavior is with teens?  Ask The Safety Mom!

Most people see Alison Rhodes on the Today Show, CNBC, and Court TV and think or her as a very warm and articulate mother of three, dedicated to educating us all on safety.  I see her as the incredibly brave, devoted, mother of four, who works everyday to honor her son Connor.  She is forever The Safety Mom…and I swear from time to time, I may see glimpses of a superhero cape under her suits.  Victim or hero?  Which are you going to be?

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