Thoughts on Leadership by 14 Year Old Hannah Kiiskila

Leadership is meant to be a movement.

Listen to Hannah and her fellow teen leaders

The movement can be easy to start or it can be extremely difficult to start. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is to start the movement it matters that it is started and doesn’t fail.

Leadership is an important role that anyone can play. However in order for people to want to follow the leader the leader and if the leader wants to make an influence on peoples lives the leader has to be strong.

A strong leader is a person with the integrity to live his or her life with the values and morals that they know are right even when no one else will.

Leaders start a movement in people.

Leaders create opportunities for others to become leaders and to continue the movement.

At camp we learned a lot about our selves and we made our own personal brands. These brands help us know who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to be shown as. By knowing our own personal brands it helps us see how to start the positive movement and keep it going.

Because I know what my values are I know how to stay out of situations that will not allow me to succeed, I know how to get my self out of situations that wont allow me to progress in a positive way, and I know that I do have the courage and strength to start the movement that my community needs.

Personal branding is an easy way for people all ages to figure out their morals and apply them to every day life.

Camp is such a great experience because as students we get to address the problems we see developing in out community and we get to make a poistive influence on our peers.

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