Inspired by Time

Infinity-Time1This Christmas break was strange. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it felt odd or when it felt so odd. I was so looking forward to the “magic” of the season, and I know it was there, I just didn’t feel it like I had in years past. Before Christmas break was stellar – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and ICE at Gaylord Palms made it feel like the Holidays were here. “Kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer” and all that excitement! I texted one of my good friends after she posted this article (and I was in tears) about rushing and hurrying up our kids. I was venting about all there was to do before Christmas and how our parents made it feel so magical when we were little. How can we do that now for our kids? How can we be sure it’s magical? And if we do that for kids does that make it magical for us?

This Christmas we didn’t go anywhere particularly special over the break. We didn’t do anything iconic that maybe we’ve done in years past. (Does that mean it’s won’t be magical?) But we did have a pile of time and no set plans. Time at home, time at my parents (with random “northern” family visits!), time at SR’s parents, just a bunch of time, and what I realize now is…that’s exactly what I needed. Time to step back, take a little inventory around here. Nothing is “wrong” per se, but what can we do better?  I’m so grateful to the people I work for that there were no pressing schedules to adhere to over the holidays. There has been no juggle to make it all work out. This precious gift of time was such a luxury.

There were Lego sets to build, conversations that lasted more than 5.2 seconds, random basketball games and dog walks. And in all those conversations I think we had time to have complete thoughts and to really explain or express ourselves and, meanwhile, others got to do a whole a lot of listening (more on that later). So this 2014’s going to be a little bit different.

stepaway_048-560x724We are going to have disconnected people in this house. I’m not going to have my cell phone with me 24/7 at home. That’s silly. But since I work from home, being “disconnected” is almost impossible (Future post just on that!). Note to my work peeps: I sent you an email with my home phone number so you can find me after-hours or the weekends if you need something. I know so many people that don’t have a home phone anymore, that’s totally cool. We still have one, so I might as well use it.

Secondly, I think we need to listen more whole-heartedly.  My darling SR mentioned the other day that before cell phones and before all this connectivity “if you asked somebody a question, they got more than 3 seconds to give an answer.” And he’s right. Often, we are so focused on getting an answer right away, that we have no patience for anything anymore and I have no patience for that!

In 2014, we’re aiming for work time to be work time and family time to be for real, family time.  So here is to a truly Happy New Year!

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