Trademark U

Trademark U: Live Your Brand!Mission/Goals:

  • To create and maintain leadership in teens.
  • To help teens feel supported in making healthy decisions in their life.
  • To give voice to teen concerns.
  • To train teen leaders to make a difference in their communities, especially in the areas of prevention of underage drinking, bullying, prescription drug abuse, illegal drug use and other at-risk behaviors.

Teen Camp

Purpose:  To create a campaign for students to implement over the course of a year, as specifically relates to area at-risk behaviors.


Day 1:  Five steps to creating and maintaining your individual branding.  The goal is for teens to recognize and define who they are and relate that to healthy decision-making.  Teens will be educated in the virtues that they all possess and discover ways to celebrate the best in themselves.

Day 2:  Teen teams choose an at-risk behavior to create a true PR campaign around.  Students are led through a real-life PR campaign structure and end with an action plan.

Day 3: Teens present to community leaders that are in their target audience demographic.

Advisers follow up throughout the year.

Peer Drama

Purpose:  To create psycho-educational peer dramas devised to give peers a view of at-risk behavior and consequences, without having to actually experience it.

All CESA 5 schools must go through CESA to book this.  All other schools can contact us directly.


Hilary takes a truly organic approach to drama and each session is different depending on the needs of the school. This program can be a one or two day workshop.  The first step is to walk through the behavior change that is desired and create a quantifiable measure for that change.  Once students understand what they want to accomplish, they can begin to use drama techniques to illustrate their mission.  The goal is to genuinely connect the drama to the mission and empower students to create their own vision.

Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Training

Using the five strategies of The Virtues Project™, students are led through a process to peacefully resolve conflict with peers and aid in empowering other students to solve their own problems.


This training can be half day training to a two day training, depending on the experience and/or program already in place at a school.

Students are trained in the five steps of the Virtues:

  1. Speaking a positive language
  2. Recognizing teachable moments
  3. Setting clear Boundaries
  4. Honoring the Spirit (acknowledgment)
  5. Spiritually Companioning (Art of Listening/Empowering)