Two Gifts I Give Myself

PresentsI’m 40 this year.  Yep, you heard right – the big 4-0!  When my husband turned 40, we took a month off from life and camped our way, as a family, to Alaska and back.  So, I got to thinking, what gift do I want this year?  What will help me remember my 40th year?

Let me start by saying that my birthday has already past, July 25th.  I received many lovely gifts and wishes from all over the world and feel truly blessed.  My husband and kids took me camping and boating in Page, AZ.  It was breathtaking.  Bet you’re wondering why I am still pondering gifts all these months later.

I have decided (this phrase will bring a chuckle to my husband as “I’ve decided” is usually an indicator of big changes to come) that I am going to give myself not one, but two 40th birthday presents.

The first gift I’ve been working on for awhile and hadn’t really realized that the gift had been received until New Year’s came an went and my resolution was not to eat better or exercise more.  I’m healthy.  I’ve finally given myself permission to do what I need to be healthy.  If dinner is a little late because I still need to get a walk in, that’s ok.  If our house is a little messier than I would like because it takes more time to plan our meals ahead and make them from scratch, so be it. After a year of moving into our new home, it is still not completely unpacked and decorated. Why? because I am making sure all five of us are making health a focus in our life…that’s called, priorities my friend.

Finally after 40 years, I’ve given up on diets and going crazy beating myself up.  Instead, I’ve given myself permission to make living healthy a priority.  In so doing, I have given my kids the gift of a happier mom and, hopefully, healthier habits for them as adults.IMG_1041

Gift two I am still working on.  I actually think that writing this blog will help.  Gift two is forgiveness.  I hereby forgive myself for not being perfect, for making mistakes, for getting anxious and for losing my patience sometimes.  I also forgive myself for mistakes I made a hundred years ago when I was a dumb, selfish kid…because we were all there and had to grow and learn.  I’m not giving myself a pass, but I am finally realizing that I am ok with who I have become.  The mistakes are nothing more than teachable moments, and by God, I do truly try to learn from them and do better – be better.

So if you’re celebrating a birthday this year – yes – I am talking to you – join me.  Celebrate yourself with health and forgiveness!

Take Gentle Care,


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