What’s Your Story Guest Fitness Guru Allison Holman Answers Your Questions

Hi Everyone:

I thoroughly enjoyed being on “What’s your story?” this week and since we ran out of time on-air, I wanted to jump right into the questions listeners still had for me.

One of the questions I received from you and from a lot of my client is how to stay away from chocolate.  I usually answer, “now why would you want to do that?!”  After training for many years, I have learned that “banning” foods is never a good idea.  To play amateur psychologist, we often want more what we tell ourselves we can’t have.  I recommend to not put any foods on the taboo list, but rather to really work on moderation.  Freeze a chocolate bar and when you have that craving, break off a small piece and they slowly eat that piece to cure your craving.

Another question is if going no-carb will get you results.   I ask you, have you ever met someone on the Atkin’s Diet?  They are cranky, groggy and not pleasant to be around.  The reason is that you need carbs for energy–they are not your enemy.  The strategy is to know when to eat carbs.  Think this way…protein builds lean muscle and carbs give you energy.  Eat your carb-rich foods earlier in the day when you need that push.  After around 4 or 5 pm, taper your carbs and focus more on high protein foods such as lean meats so that while you are sedentary, your blood sugar stays stabilized and you can build that lean muscle that will burn fat while you rest.

Many people (including you guys!) ask me what type of exercise can I do if I only have 20-30 minutes?  The answer is a lot!  Interval training is a great way to burn calories quick and is never boring if you keep up the pace.  Focus on 2 minutes of intense cardio/2 minutes of weight training/1 minute of core or ab work and repeat.  Rest only when you take a 10 second drink break and keep it moving!  You will be amazed what a good workout you can fit in a short time and how challenged you will be.  Check out my website (www.coreconditioningtraining.com) for some great exercise samples!

Finally, you asked about The “Zone” program and if you should try it.  I love the Zone program because it really allows you to eat balanced meals, not deprive yourself and sets you up to succeed long-term.  Don’t become obsessed with it…read up on it and then follow it to the best of your ability.  If done right, the Zone with an exercise program incorporated as well will yield great results.

Thanks again for having me on the show, Hilary.  If any of you are in the Minneapolis area, I really encourage you to try my Core/Conditioning Training Program.  It is unlike any other workout and you will lose major inches / body fat, as well as receive extensive one on one nutritional coaching for maximum results.

If you are not in Minnesota, this Fall you will be able to purchase affordable workouts with extensive videos/diagrams on my website:  www.coreconditioningtraining.com so keep checking back!

Allison Holman, owner of Core / Conditioning Training, has been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and enjoys unlocking the inner athlete in each person, regardless of age or fitness level. Her clients include various fire departments, individuals in their homes, and training fitness camps around the west metro. With 2 kids under five and a busy schedule, Allison understands that if fitness can’t be your life, it can enhance your life and should never be boring. You can learn more about Allison and her popular Core Training program atwww.coreconditioningtraining.com.

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