What’s Your Story Jill Castle? Chasing Authenticity

When Michelle shared Jill Castle’s incredibly moving story, I knew it was a story that I could learn from, as a mother and a woman. What I did not know is that the lesson she had to teach me, personally, was not about her son with Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy, but rather about the internal battle so many of us wage…what does happy look like and when will we get there.

For Jill, she was sure that if she could “just” get her son involved in a special drug study for DMD, she would finally be happy. She spent six years of her life fighting and networking, stretching all her resources to the absolute limit and then finally accomplished her goal. She got her son involved in the study and everything was happy and perfect…not quite. She realized what we all realize at some point: goals are important and worthy, but we cannot chase them in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness isn’t an accomplishment; happiness is a deeper connection with your own authenticity. It is not a fixed point on a time line….if “this” than happiness. It is a conscious decision to wake up and treasure yourself, your gifts, your family and yes, even the hard lessons you may have to learn.

Check out this link for more info: Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy: www.parentprojectmd.org

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